One of the specialties of Casa Pass is your traditional recipes and typical of the area.

Breakfast: consists of freshly made
Lunch and Dinner: A pica pica of entrants
                                                        A first
                                                        A second
                                                       Dessert wine or water

Midday Menu (example)

      Pica Pica - Mix Salad
                            - Salted Prawns
                 - Sausages
              - Snails
First course: "Escudella"
Second Course: Ternasco
Dessert: Fabiola (Biscuit Cake)


Night Menu (example)

Pica Pica - Salad
                    - Steps
                                  - Click meat
                               - Croquettes
First course: Cream of mushroom
Second Plato: Zarzuela
Dessert: Flan Egg
At the end Pacharán .